About Us

We are a small, family-owned and operated business with a powerful portfolio of pristine wood work, created to capture attention with form and function.

Cardona Woodworks began in 2009 from a passion of creating high-quality, wooden home goods. Hailing from Puerto Rico and having lived in many United States cities spanning into Canada, Amilcar began his woodworking career from the necessity of having to repair old items that endured heavy wear-and-tear from extensive traveling. It wasn’t long before he was subcontracted to remodel and restore home interiors, thus beginning his master craft career. After leaving the commercial building arena, he opened Cardona Woodworks, LLC, providing uniquely handcrafted wood furniture and home accessories customized with attention to detail and artistry. Amilcar’s personalized wood products exude beauty and function, bringing rustic harmony to your homeā€¦